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Brands deserve better sustainable packaging options. 


We work alongside the most forward-thinking companies to take packaging to the next level.

Compostable Packaging Technology Deveopment

While some may think the process is difficult, our R&D division understands unmet needs, material technology, and how to negotiate the entire process through the supply chain.  

We are working to help the industry evolve. We move in tandem with our clients and supply chain partners to collaborate and innovate.

Our customized innovation process puts branding strategies, creative energy, and market-savvy solutions all on the same team. Together we share foundational knowledge. We troubleshoot. We invent.

RCD Packaging



February - June 2020

RCD Packaging is facilitating and hosting an unpretending event with industry leaders. 

Never has there been a more important time to come together and create new materials and systems that protect our planet, its animals, and its people. In combination with our clients and high profile industry leaders across the value chain,  RCD Packaging will host and create a unique space for breakthrough ideation at the Redesigning Flexible Film Innovation Workshop.


Read more about how our team and our friends at OSC2 have pulled together an ideation workshop designed to solve our industry's single-use plastic waste problem and move towards a zero-waste planet. 


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