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My name is Reyna and I am on a mission to make sustainable packaging the norm.


The global waste crisis sends a clear signal that the materials of the past do not serve our future, and today's savvy consumers are demanding cleaner & greener products and packaging. 

My team is dedicated to improving the performance of sustainable packaging materials. We work with a growing network of material suppliers, manufacturers and brands that share our passion for evolving the industry and making sustainable packaging the norm.

Our expertise is in compostable flexible film, functional biopolymers and end-market development for the circular economy.

Catalyst and a cultivator of sustainable packaging technologies

​RCD Packaging Innovation is an advisory firm that works with select brands and manufacturers to bring forward new sustainable packaging solutions. RCD specializes in product development, commercialization and facilitating collaborative innovation.

“Reyna has personally helped me and our organization reach our growth goals and launch several new, award-winning products into the marketplace. She has a unique combination of highly-developed technical skills and high-level execution."
VP Americas, Futamura
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