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We did it! We proved industry-wide innovation is possible.

Experts from the across the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry have joined together to generate hundreds of actionable ideas to eliminate packaging waste.


Interested in the results? Check out the white paper.



CPG industry comes together to tackle the global plastic waste crisis

The Redefining Flexible Films (RFF) Workshop was an unprecedented effort to bring an industry together to address a system-level issue.


Over the course of 9 months we worked through a unique design-thinking process and collaborated remotely, focusing our efforts around the unique technical challenge of flexible film packaging.




Collaborative innovation to move the industry towards zero-waste

Together, with 80 experts from across the packaging value chain, we established a mission to move our industry towards a zero-waste future. 



A new platform to work together and problem solve.

Thought-leaders from CPG brands, distributors, retailers, NGOs, and material managers, along with biomimicry experts and educators, shared their unique perspectives and generated new ideas through this interactive design-thinking workshop series.


Here are some things we accomplished:


hundreds of actionable ideas


a shared foundation of knowledge


nine impactful incubation projects

Check out the white paper to learn about the results.


Breaking through systematic blocks to innovation, and jumping to the next material platform

Right now, the packaging industry is optimized for petroleum plastics with little progress towards sustainable solutions. There are several unseen industry dynamics stifling innovation such as wide-spread misinformation, siloed operations, and business-as-usual risk mitigation.  With 8 million tons of plastic waste entering the ocean each year, there is no time to wait.


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Bring experts to the table and establish a foundation of knowledge and a shared goal

We need to evolve, and we need to evolve fast. Within our industry, we have the creative minds with innovative intelligence to make an exponential change in the next 5 years. We just need to get on the same page and point in the same direction.



Multi-layer laminates are not recyclable, and are a major contributor to the ocean plastic crisis.

Within this workshop we focused on the unique technical challenges of flexible film packaging formats (chip bags, stand-up pouches, squeeze packs, etc.), but our work will inform & inspire thinking around all packaging formats, materials and material management.




Designing materials that are compatible with nature, and inspired by nature

With guidance from leading material scientists, biologists, soil health researchers and biomimicry experts, the group explored new ways of thinking about material and packaging design.



Large-scale collaborative innovation and industry education, facilitated remotely

RCD's unique design-thinking process incorporated leading-edge information about flexible films, manufacturing and material management. The approach used a system-level view of the industry's mechanics to identify where the levers are in order to move in the right direction and fix our waste problem.



Thank you Industry Transformers!

Together, we made history, and showed that we can step beyond the boundaries of our competitive nature and work together. It has been a honor to work with you all, and we look forward to continuing the journey. On behalf of RCD, OSC, and all our sponsors and partners, thank you.

The RFF Advisory Board

Thank you for these industry leaders for their collaboration and ongoing support. 

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for making this workshop possible, and working side-by-side with us to create real solutions.
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RCD & OSC Partnership

We are proud to have OSC as a community building partner for this important work. RCD and OSC have a shared passion of protecting the planet, and removing petroleum-based plastic from landfills, oceans, and the planet.
"We have been wanting something like this for some time, and it’s actually really rare that an event series like what RCD has created comes along."
Futurist & Former GoogleX Director

Passionate about accelerating sustainable packaging technology?

RCD can help you position your products for success in the circular economy:
  • Gain access to the new technologies

  • Connect with top solution providers

  • Host an internal RCD innovation workshop

  • Speed up your product development

RCD provides services in product development, supply chain management, and collaborative innovation facilitation. We specialize in turn-key compostable, bio-based or recyclable packaging solutions.
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