Transforming the packaging industry and driving solutions to eliminate waste.

The future is zero-waste

The plastic pollution problem is a crisis of insufficient design, and the materials of the past will not work for our future. It is time for the CPG industry to evolve and innovate.

We are here to cultivate solutions and make it happen.


Develop the materials and packaging solutions of the future alongside partners across the industry.

Packaging Engineering Manufacturing

Streamline your path to market and work with industry leaders to optimize the product development process.


Gain access to a network of manufacturing partners, and improve quality with our custom qualification process.

Want to see our work in action?

Check out the results of RCD's Redefining Flexible Films Innovation Workshop

  • 10  month design-thinking workshop

  • 80  experts from across the CPG industry

  • 1,500  ideas to help solve the plastic waste crisis

  • 9  incubation projects to bring ideas to life

  • 1 mission to move the industry towards zero-waste

"We have been wanting something like this for some time, and it’s actually really rare that an event series like what RCD has created comes along."
Futurist & Former GoogleX Director
RCD is where packaging innovation happens

At RCD, we are on a mission to make sustainable packaging the norm. While there are some great sustainable materials and solutions available today, sustainable packaging technology has a long way to go.


It's time to jump to the next material technology platform and create materials that are functional and not harmful to the earth...packaging solutions that provide nutrients to the next cycle.

RCD provides services in product development, supply chain management, and collaborative innovation facilitation. We specialize in turn-key compostable, bio-based or recyclable packaging solutions, from concept to commercialization.
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